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I came across this website yesterday. www.hs-institute.com. This institute is in Ohio (U.S.A). They completely dedicate their services to HS patients only. Have any of you been there or tried their services? let me know....
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I seen Dr. Hazen a year about almost to the day and he preformed the laser surgery on my left arm. I will NEVER go back to him. Not only was the whole surgery completely the opposite of what he told me it would be like, it was the worst pain I had ever experienced. I have had 8 surgeries for my HS disease and the one he preformed was by fast the worst. Not to mention 3 days after the surgery I was is no much pain and discomfort I called his office or what to do, and they REFUSED to help me!!! He told me to go to the Emergency room if it was that bad, and then days later stopped returning my calls completely!!!! I had to find a doctor thru the hospital to make sure my skin was healing correctly. Maybe he has changed in that last year and the way he does things. But I have NEVER been treated like that before by any of the specialist I have seen. Unfortunately I moved to Ohio, and away from the doctor that was treating me for 6 years. Dr. Cosman in San Diego was awesome. And I even had to get in touch with him after the way Dr. Hazen treated me as a patient. Only because I needed different medical advise other then being told to go to the Emergency room. It was like they got there 2k and ran with it. I will never let a doctor treat me like a "lab rat" again.

thank you for informing me.i had plans of going there.it would have been such a waste trip.i am in stage two.the doctors are trying their best.i have also been through that stage where i have been experimented on.its frustrating.hope things work out for you.prayers

Hi mini my name is Jese and facing issues with HS. Do u suggest any cure or treatments

No haven't been there but I live in Illinois and it's worth a try thks

i just heard from somebody who has been going through this rare skin condition.she visited ohio hs institute.she says its really really bad.

Unless you have a secondary infection antibodiocs will not work. Even Dr. Hazen does not prescribe them for just HS. Because eventually you will become immune to them when you will need them the most. Both of my step daughters have this disease and Retin A does work for the oldest daughter but not for youngest daughter. They are both stage 1 and I hope they never get to stage 3 like there Dad has. Please never do Accutane it has horrible effects down the road and not worth the risk. The group we have on FB has a huge file section of things people have tried. If your interested i can send you the link

It is a great group and like a small family....

May I ask where you are located?

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Do send me the facebook link. I am not on facebook though. Mom is. I'l check it out. Its a wonderful small family as you said. Thank you for all the advice. I must leave it to doctors here. Any suggestion I give them, they may just fireback and I'l be left with no doctor. I have to go doctor shopping again which I dont want to. I have been doing that for three years now. I'm from India (South India). Good luck to both your step daughters. God bless !

I am on Facebook n would love to be apart of this!

My spouse is going through the CO2 laser treatments where they take the top layer of skin off. Then they remove all the sinus tracks and tunneling. He just had procedure # 5 on this past wed. His HS covers his entire left butt cheek down into his inner thigh. On right butt cheek it goes from crack over 2 inches. and his entire front groin area into his thighs. So far Dr. Hazen is the only Dermatologist performing this procedure. It has only a 1-2 % recurrance rate which in our opinion is a cure for HS. But that doesnt mean it can show up somewhere else on the body. I am also on MDJUNCTION where i have all his pics. There is also a FB group that I am that I have posted them. Yes they are painful, and can be time consuming, but the pink scar looks so much better then the oozing, painful, foul smelling area that was there before. So he feels its worth it. Plus the itchiness is also gone in the areas that have been lasered. This procedure is not covered by insurance as it is still experimental in there eyes. It is $2400.00 for a 3 hour procedure. But remidcade once was experimental and now covered. You also have the expense of wound covering supplies. For the first 3 weeks you use polysporin, wound dressing like vigilon or Restore, 2 telfa pads and 2 abd pads plus the tape. What is nice about this surgery Dr. Hazen allows you to soak in a tub when you do wound dressing changes. So you dont have to keep it dry. The biggest area he has done was on July 11, it measured 11" x 7 " and is totally healed up 4 months later. If you have any more questions i would be glad to answer.

Treatment is on case by case basis depending on the size of area, and what stage you are in. There are several people in the FB group that go to Dr. Hazen. We are very fortunate to live 15 minutes from this man. My spouse is a vet so the VA medical center from Cleveland Oh sent him there cause of this success rate on treating HS. I would at least make a appt for a consultation. He is also willing to work with other DRs to assist in your HS. A few people have done video consultation as they live out of the country.

If you have any more questions i would glady try to answer

Hello. Thanks for all that information. I am in the early stages of stage 2. So doctors out here are not suggesting a co2 that is available here as well. They are hoping that it would go with the retinoids and anitbiotics that I am consuming.(Plus lazer hair removal). We are in contact with Dr.Hamzavi (lives in U.S and has conducted research and survey on HS patients). Dr.Hamzavi is willing to co-ordinate with doctors out here and help me out. But unfortunately my dermatologist is not willing to co-ordinate with anybody else. He says he has the experience and if time comes, he will himself get in touch with the doctors he knows. This did leave me and my mother shocked for a while. Nothing like it when doctors can come together and solve this puzzle. Right now...we are just so confused and dont really know what to follow. We are hoping that retinoids (that I would take for 3-4 months from now) would work for me. I would be very glad to vedio chat and co-ordinate but ultimately the procedure has to be done by a doctor for me out here. I'm happy for you guys that its working. I really hope I see light somewhere in this darkness. Prayers to all.

My spouse is a patient of Dr. Hazen at the HSI what would you like to know?

Thanks for your response.Actually I have been suffering from this condition for 3 years now. I went through their website. I'd like to know if the treatment is really working. What kind of treatment are they giving....steroids, retinoids, lazer hair removal?...Are they talking of a cure for this or are they just saying it could be controlled? Is it really worth coming to Ohio for treatment? Is there a Protocol that they are following?