My Hs With Blog


I've got too much story to fit in this box so I've created a blog.
This blog doesn't claim to have the cure for HS or all the correct information, this is just my blog where I talk about what it's like for me.
One day if I ever decide to tell my family and friends about my HS it will be nice to have all these records to look back on.
I look back at entries I've posted just a few months ago and can't even remember some of the pain I've been through, I guess I can really block out things well.

If you want to see what HS is like for me, and all the things I've been doing to get my HS down around 75% you might want to check this blog out.
I can't believe that I've posted this blog online it started out as a personal SECRET journal for a record of events but there are so many people with HS that can relate to my story I though that I couldn't hurt to share my story.

I hope one day to have the cure for HS and know that natural foods, with diet and exercise are a major part of getting RID of HS.
I hope to learn all I can about HS, and share the info!

k9districts k9districts
22-25, F
Nov 9, 2012