Trying Not To Be Defeated

Hi, I'm Andrea and I have HS. It SUCKS. I unknowingly had it for years. I just recently found out what it was maybe a year ago. I'm 23 now. I think I first noticed it when I was in elementary. I'm sure like everyone I just thought it was just boils. Didn't know why I was getting them. It eased up for a while then started getting bad again in high school. Worse in college! I got them on my thighs a lot. I called them "big girl bumps" because I thought it was from being overweight and having my thighs rub together so much. Well now I know what it is and knowing so doesn't make me feel better. I'm having a flare up right now...2 on my side :( . I actually have a gaping hole on my side at my bra-line. It's healing first appeared months ago. It's the worse one thus far. My left under arm has a bunch of small hasn't healed in about a year. It gets close to healing then I have a flare up. I just thought I'd find something like this where I could let how I'm feeling out. I want to tell my boyfriend ( of 5 years) about this but I'm embarrassed. It makes me feel disgusting and unsexy :(. Ik it's just in my head but still...
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I'm 23and have had serious boyfriend of years and I really think you should tell yours bc I am sure he will be very supporting and understand. My bf wants to take care of me when I'm going through episodes. It will be a great weight off you're back.

Thank you for the encouragement. I actually ended up telling him yesterday because weirdly enough he woke up and said "you know I love you just the way you are right" because he had just had a gave me the confidence to go ahead and tell him and he was very understanding and supportive. It INDEED will be a weight off of me now. I'm glad to know there is someone out there that understands, thank you!