So Lonely At Times

I started withn this condition 13yrs ago in my armpit and was accepted for surgery quite quickly which cleared the condition - however it re-appeared under my breasts 3 years later. following a breast reduction which enabled the scared tissue to be removed (much to my relief) this cleared for about 3 years only to appear in my groin it was very aggressive this time .... after extensive treatment by long term anti biotics and body washes (which failed) a surgeon has agreed after a lot of talking and tears from me to operate to clear the groin area of scar tissure and re-ocurring abcesses. I am devastated that this condition continually comes back and I pray that this time it will clear completely . At times I have felt so lonely, upset, dirty, embarrassed and somehow that this has been my fault. noone can understand, unless they have been through this condition, just how painful and upsetting this is. I have found a lovely husband who supports me when i am going through a particularly bad episode of asbcesses(and the inevitable tears that go with it) I try to stay positive ..... i just want to say to all fellow sufferers that I share your pain, but  please do what i have done keep talkiing to your doctor, dont give up! l am determined I will beat can you!
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Thanks for sharing, this disease does stink! I like u have a supportive Hubby. I wish there was a way to have a support system in person as i am new to this sight and it would be nice to talk to others my age with it