Sad And Feel All Alone :(

HI everyone...i have HS..I'm only 15! i've had it for 5 years now....been to 4 doctors in the past years..none of them seemed to know what it was..i was given all kinds of cream and medicines(antibiotics)..smh..FINALLY i came across this surgeon who finally told me that i have HS! I often  cry and feel am all alone till i came across this sight and feel good that i am not alone. i am now on amoxcillin for 2 weeks and cant use deodarant i have to use baking soda ...if this doesnt work i have to do surgery under my arms .... :( i have HS under my arms,many in my buttocks ,my groin and between my things ...:( Can someone just plzz give me soome good tips or advice ...thnx ..:(
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Hello you are not alone, my daughter has been suffering with this for 5 to 8 years and she as well has been placed on many medications and has been misdiagnosed. We were told though that they may have to remove her sweat glands from her armpits because the boils keep coming back. Now they are in a mass and very hard. I keep putting hot compresses under her armpits and she is still in pain. I am now looking for some home remedies to try. Hang In There. I did some research and there is a website called and also HS USA. Check these two out.

Hi there I also have hs and I can tell you now that amoxicillin will do nothing to help I'm sorry to say! My advise to you would be to demand you gp refers you to a dermatology there are better medication out there that my help you depending on how server you case is! If I were you I would only have full surgery as a last resort it is very drastic! i know how you feel as I'm always in pain and drowsy on pain killers! I have just started roaccutane treatment which in some cases hs can be affective! Roaccutane has a lot off possible side affects but I can safely say I have experienced much. So don't be put off if you do some research!