Hi there in 24 years of age and have suffered hidrandentis since i were 12. I first developed large multiple absess in the grone when I were around 20 my problem stopped until I were 22 after having my first child. i have just had my second child which my condition had got alot worse, especially during my pregnacy, I had them drained on several occasions even had them surgically lanced to which they just came back with avengence. They are currently large multiple cyst that leak puss, bleed, smell of infection and are unbelievable painful! Im have recently been on a cocktail of antibiotic with no results and just started roaccutane treatment! The pain is so intense that I can't lift my arms and are really stuggling to keep postive, as im finding the most simple daily task a struggle aswell as tending to my 2 year old and 8 week old son. Finding it all overwhelming, I'm in so much pain and am so emotional and tearful! I'm worried it will never go away! Is there any hope? Or am I a lost cause!
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Being a mom is hard enough even without this disease.

Stress can also cause flare ups so try to relax. Nap when your kids do. Try to keep yourself properly rested.I hope you feel better.