No More Suffering In Silence!!!!!

Hello I am 24 and I have HS. I have been dealing with HS since I was 9. All those years I thought they were just boyles. My mother passed away in march 2009 and a month later the boyles started to come back under my underarms I had to have them lanced but the puss never stopped leaking. My pain grew and I was becoming real depressed. I did'nt have any insurance so I just suffered in silence. My family did'nt believe me they thought I was just being lazy and had very poor hygiene. The doctor put me on some many anitbiotics and none of them worked. So eventually I had my first surgery in feb 2011 since then I have had 2 more sugerys and I still have them under both of my arms. I shut myself out from the world because so many people don't understand this disease and I refuse to suffer in silence anymore!!!!! I can't work and can't get help from the state..... I refuse to give up!!!! How can I help someone if I continue to be in silence about HS. Its time speak up and bring awareness to those who are ignorant to this disease. So to all of you who live with this disease stay encouraged and keep fighting and remember you are not in this alone!!!!!

love, live and courage
joansluv88 joansluv88
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012