I Was Missed Diagnosed As A Teenager..

I am a forty-four year old who had my first outbreak at 15 years old. It was extremely painful so i went to the hospital while i was there the Dr. came in and in and observe the outbreak and started laughing and said you have herpes and walked out.... i was totally devastated because i was not havin sex then... this has been a horrible experience for me because i cant get passed it being between my buttocks, i found relief from so many outbreaks by stayin stress free.. But that was not easy i took a chance at marriage and it turned out very to be very abusive. and the outbreak were constance i live in pure hell with the outbreaks being so aften. during my marriage that when tha severe scarring started to take place, now i am ashamed of my body,,,, I have considered tatooing that scarr but i dont wanna start an outbreak omg!!!!! CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE.....i went from fifteen to forty-four thinkin i had herpes.. and my thirteen year old niece gave me those two word that has brought relief to my soul.... i have coped with it by using extremely hot water on the outbreak to relieve that pain. alcohol and peroxide. i only have one really bad scarr and it drive me crazy...... 44 in tuscaloosa. not to mention how bad it was during april 27 tornado stress really triggers mine...... it has a history in my family my mom just told me she has tha same thing outbreaks as well...
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This message is for anyone who currently suffers from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). PLEASE read my entire post before commenting, I have an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & HELPFUL message to share for anyone who resonates with this information (This is not a scam and there is no payment necessary for this information… just PLEASE read on). I had my first HS outbreak when I was 16 years old, after I spent an entire childhood harboring intense feelings of self-shame and disgust over the body I was in. I had been bullied from a young age due to the tics I developed in elementary school (a mild form of Tourette Syndrome), so you can imagine how the other children reacted to my tics. I lived my entire life thinking there was something very wrong with me, until this year, on April 22nd, 2014, when I decided to take full responsibility for the misperceptions from my childhood and the harsh, negative effects they were having on my body.
In 2012, when I was 26 years old, I finally found a family doctor in the city I had moved to 4 years prior. I had never shown another soul what HS was doing to my most intimate body parts, but something in me knew I had to tell someone. They were getting increasingly worse and I didn’t know what to do. I also did not want to suffer in silence anymore. At my first physical with this new doctor, I was surprised she knew right away the name of my condition. I told her I also believed it was HS, as I had Googled it and believe I had the same symptoms. She confirmed what I had read on the internet – that there is no cure for HS, but that losing weight may help, and that I should consult a dietician since she believed HS may be caused by certain foods. I left that day with my hopes dashed.
I had tried going vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free, even cutting hot sauce out of my diet, but each time I failed, and still, my HS would only get worse. Fast forward to this year, February 2014. I found out that my benefits package at worked covered Naturopathic Therapy, so I immediately began looking for a local Naturopath, to get a 2nd opinion on my HS. Bingo. I found an amazing Naturopath who told me she has CURED cases of HS in some of her clients. She said it was a combination of the homeopathic remedies she gave me, as well as diet and exercise that would help me to heal my HS. Well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. I took the remedies for about 2 months, but my HS did not get better. I eventually stopped taking the remedy, and finally, on April 22nd of this year, as my HS was acting up very badly, I was at a complete loss for what to do to help myself. I would sit in the bathtub after work and cry and cry, victimizing my own self and feeling so sorry for myself, wishing there was something I could do. It was then that a little voice spoke up in my mind, it was faint, but I heard it. It whispered to me “Just start loving yourself.”
PLEASE KEEP READING as I promise this is not spam, I am just trying to get my full experience out. Over the past few weeks, I had started to think (and this may be due to my spiritual-oriented lifestyle)… that maybe my HS was not being caused by my external environment at all… maybe it was being caused by my internal environment? Which, after YEARS of self-hate and self-shame, I’m sure was as TOXIC as could be. When I heard that voice pipe up in my mind and tell me to just start loving myself, I thought… “Hey… that’s the one thing I haven’t yet tried. What have I got to lose?” And literally, from that moment on, I started to notice all of the negative thoughts I was telling myself on a daily basis (there were thousands). I was constantly covering myself up, picking out my flaws, and would wake up with an endless feeling of dread each morning. But on #Day1 of my self-created self-love challenge, I started turning all my positive thoughts into negative thoughts. I know this probably sounds CRAZY. I even set a reminder on my phone to go off each day, that would say ‘Have you loved yourself today?” alerting me to remember to tell myself I loved myself even just for 5 minutes a day. Soon, ‘I love myself’ became the reel on repeat in my mind any time I was going through a hard situation. I still had many days during the initial stages of self-love where I was in pain from the HS and crying in the bathtub, but instead of pitying myself as I was crying, I was screaming “I love myself” inside my mind, really putting my emotions into it. I started to hold my scars and open wounds, and told them I loved them and that we would heal together.
Today, I am on #Day218 of my #365DaysOfSelfLoveChallenge. What nobody in my life knows is that this is an experimental challenge I created in order to heal my HS. AND TODAY, MY HS IS HEALING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS. My skin is GROWING OVER, trying to re-form itself, and my scars are fading day by day. I still have outbreaks and am still ridding my body of these toxins, but I am doing so from a compassionate mindset instead of falling into the victim mentality that this disease preys on. PLEASE, I am begging you to give this a try. You do not have to do ANYTHING except be aware of and begin to change your negative thoughts.
If you resonated with this message, please read about my journey to self-love on my website, www.starlits0uls.com. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A CENT. This is simply a story of my journey to self-love, and I believe many of you will benefit from knowing this information. ♥♥♥
PS. If you would like further ‘proof’, I would be happy to send you a picture of one of my scars that is ‘reforming’. Contact me on my website and I will send you the photo.
MUCH LOVE & LIGHT to all you beautiful souls ♥

I had a doctor insinuate that I had herpes..I was upset..but told them to do a simple blood test. basicly drs don't know how to handle HS..if you only have one scar you are extremely blessed..I have had over 25 surgery's multiple areas and I look like a Frankin girl.. I try and love my rebelous body..and the scares represent surviving the pain..in some cultures they do scarification instead of tattoos... Good luck with your HS God knows we all need it.