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I Was Missed Diagnosed As A Teenager..

I am a forty-four year old who had my first outbreak at 15 years old. It was extremely painful so i went to the hospital while i was there the Dr. came in and in and observe the outbreak and started laughing and said you have herpes and walked out.... i was totally devastated because i was not havin sex then... this has been a horrible experience for me because i cant get passed it being between my buttocks, i found relief from so many outbreaks by stayin stress free.. But that was not easy i took a chance at marriage and it turned out very to be very abusive. and the outbreak were constance i live in pure hell with the outbreaks being so aften. during my marriage that when tha severe scarring started to take place, now i am ashamed of my body,,,, I have considered tatooing that scarr but i dont wanna start an outbreak omg!!!!! CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE.....i went from fifteen to forty-four thinkin i had herpes.. and my thirteen year old niece gave me those two word that has brought relief to my soul.... i have coped with it by using extremely hot water on the outbreak to relieve that pain. alcohol and peroxide. i only have one really bad scarr and it drive me crazy...... 44 in tuscaloosa. not to mention how bad it was during april 27 tornado stress really triggers mine...... it has a history in my family my mom just told me she has tha same thing outbreaks as well...
tuscaloosa44 tuscaloosa44 41-45 1 Response Dec 17, 2012

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I had a doctor insinuate that I had herpes..I was upset..but told them to do a simple blood test. basicly drs don't know how to handle HS..if you only have one scar you are extremely blessed..I have had over 25 surgery's multiple areas and I look like a Frankin girl.. I try and love my rebelous body..and the scares represent surviving the some cultures they do scarification instead of tattoos... Good luck with your HS God knows we all need it.