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Hi I have a remedy for HS I would like to share. I am new here and found this place while looking for other people's stories to see if anyone had the same remedy as me. My cause of my flare ups...PORK. I'm 29 years old and have been dealing with HS for 6 years and got it bad..both arms and in the groin. One year I had 8 huge bumps growing under my arm and my idiot doctor did a procedure and cut them out and this was after trying antibiotics over and over. The only way that helped was by cutting up the sweat glands there...they eventually came back and the procedure was a bad experience. I am native American or American Indian (for the Americans lol) and while at work one day I'm talking bout my procdure with co workers. To my dismay I find out I have two other co workers suffering with hs and jus to embarrassed to talk about it. One of my co workers talked about her grandmother who suffered with hs all her life and her remedy was to stop eating PORK. (It sounds crazy but follow me wit this). My co worker had it just as bad as I did and even had a procedure, she stopped eating PORK and eventually her bumps went away and the holes healed. I was willing to try anythin and trust me this was hard cause PORK is in everything delicious. After one week my bumps are fading away...two weeks the holes are healing (and that smell is leaving ) 3 rd week holes are gone and jus a small bump is there and by the end if the month almost all my infections are gone. I'm also drinking lots of LEMON water and did a colon cleanse...(the cleanse might have helped with flushing ). How I know this worked for me is because I feel off the pork wagon this past Xmas. I went three straight days eating all kinds of breakfast pork...and my infections came
Back with a vengeance. My last pork day was Boxing Day which was like a week and half ago and there slowly going away... This has worked for me and the doctors all said they have no remedy and have no idea what causes it....if somone told me long ago to stop eating pork it would've saved me soooo much pain. This has helped me so much and I felt it was worth sharing. I stopped eating pork chops, ham, pepperoni , salami, spam, BACON :-( and the my arch enemy Sasuages. After doing some research on pigs and pork the idea of it didn't seem so out there. A lot of pork are filled with hormones that create new bacteria, and also pigs have no sweat glands to release there toxins which then creates bacteria that can survive being cooked. People will argue pigs are one of the cleanest animals or they have been eating pork there whole life and never had infections as a child...I thought the same thing. But there are constantly new bacteria that are becoming immune to our antibodies and this create infections ...why in the sweat glands I wish I knew. For me how it made sense is I am pretty close to being a full blooded mikmaq native, grew up on a reservation all my life. My people have always been coastal fishing people are fish have always been a big part of our diet, all the way to my ancestors. Quitting pork has helped me being native or not I think pork is the main reason. I'm posting this here hoping other people will try this because it has helped me and a few of my community members. If you try please comment here and let me know ...because as a man quitting bacon is hard lol thank you and good luck
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Flush your system helps a lot too...also I seen a post here about using chlorexidine types of soap...I bought some last night and used it only once so far and alkready feel and see a difference...especially with the smell. But thanks and hope it goes well thanks for posting! I got my worst flare ups when i are sausages.....that seemed to be the worst

hey Mikamaq! What a story! That is defenitely a revelation when you consider that a lot of people eat pork ona daily basis, i being one of those people. I have been raised on a lot of food with pork and i too am a native american. I know that there can be different causes for different people when dealing with HS but I really think you might be on to something here. I have dealt with outbreaks for 18 years now and realize that the importance of diet and nutrition cannot be ignored. I will try to do what I need to in leaving the pork alone and let you know my progress. Thanks for sharing and God bless.