My Control Concoction!

I have HS and just wanted to share how I keep it under control so maybe this will help someone else. I have told and shown this to my Gynocologist and Dermatologist and they never gave me a name for it just said it was a type of skin staph. Until I did some research on my own I didn't know it had a name. What I do (#'s 1 & 2 recommended by my Dr.) is #1. use dial soap. In my expreience I've used scented and unscented. #2. Last thing I do before I get out of the shower is use Hibiclens skin cleaner (from pharmacy) on the places that break out......panty line/inside thighs, arm pits and under breasts. #3. Before I get dressed I apply baby powder to all those areas. It helps keep it drier. I don't use the powder on spots that are open I just put neosporin +pain relief formula on them if I have one. Now with all that said I still get the occasional cyst but not near as often and usually not as severe or lasting. I quit smoking 3 yrs ago so from what I understand that may have helped also. I am overweight but lost a lot of weight a couple yrs ago and noticed they got better and less frequent then also. I've put my weight back on (but working on it) I get them bit more often but not nearly as much as when I didn't use my regimen of dial, hibiclens and powder. I hope this helps someone with a milder case of this awful disease because I know it really, really sucks.
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Jan 11, 2013