Struggle W/hs!

Hi my name is Tina and IM 25 I have had hs since I was 13 and it's been so hard to deal with.growing up with it I became a very self concious person and very depressed.I have never worked a job,the pain,outbreaks are constant.always active in arm pits,groin,bottom,under breast, belly and any crease.IM in stage 3 and it sucks worse than ever. I have tried meds,gels and it seems not to help but one gel called clindamicin it soothes it and helps with the odor! my hs gets so bad I get big red rings around affected area,and can't even shower,let water hit it ,brush my hair even hurts to move around and get up and down but I push myself everyday,sometimes I want to just give up, but I have my ok days and bad sucks to I get so embarrassed to where tanks,shorts,light clothing cause they bust,also uncomfortable to get close to anyone cause IM scared they'll smell me. Also I've had people insist on asking what's that under it arm and I say nothing and they keep it going."awkward". One time I went to the university of Chicago to get better help,so I go in the room and nurse said to take clothes off hold this paper cover over me til and that the doc would be in in a minute,so few mins later here comes doctor and 5 kids my age or younger I was so uncomfortable I was already sitting there like that when they came in I guess they were students learning so then I said fine there already there "bad experience" also over weight but it's so hard to lose it.I also do not wish this on my worst enemy,my heart and experience goes out to every person affected by hs and any one wanting to talk IM here!also try not to be stress that triggers too.
Tina4887 Tina4887
26-30, F
Jan 11, 2013