Teen With Hs It Ruins My Life!

I am 16 years old... And I've had HS for about 6 years now. I hate it, I have no life with my friends, I don't want to go out, I hate going to the beach and the worst thing is it affects my love life. I'm so afraid of someone finding out I never let anyone In. I've had everything done, I've had antibiotics, creams, A change in diet hasn't helped. I now have battle scars that I can't get rid of. I want to live and because of hs I can't do that. I feel like a freak like I'm alone. HS has made me depressed and feeling trapped.

I have become involved with my best friend. I love him to pieces and he loves me back and he makes me so happy. But now we want to take our relationship to the next level and have sex. I want to but because of HS I am too scared. I haven't told him because I think that he will think I'm ugly and he will change his mind about me. Please if anyone has been through this tell me how you told the person you were with that you have HS. I really feel so alone and I just want someone to talk to :(
We need to find a cure!
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i am sorry i used a translater and it not so good haha i am sorry if you want 2 know somthings i will right it by my self because the translater is not so great haha

Thankyou so much! Haha you did well I understood you :) I have been to a specialist and I'm lucky I have a very mild form but the scars are very dark compared to my light skin and my mum can't afford laser scar removal. But i get better every day, I have come to realize that it's a part of me and If someone cant accept that then they don't need to me apart of my life
Thankyou again, you were truly inspiring !

I've also HS I come from the Netherlands and I have is what I do not know whether you know that milder form also have ... I think it's really died for you echt so much I'm glad you have a friend I myself also a friend who makes nothing from and I have 2 children ... it is not yours and you have this namleijk debt is not desired or so but I have a tip for you and maybe that maybe your parents financial can help with this ...but I've gotten a transferral of the GP and then to a skin therapist am gone I've got it in my groin ... I have already had many treatments such as let my hair lasering.. and I have already months weekly peels not affected by and she has all sorts of things what my scars still lighter late it costs some money. best. but I am sure about because I am also very depressed of but I'm starting to feel me getting better hope you have something about it works for me very well and I do not think that you must feel so rot x

The only thing to fear is your own fear! Seriously, I'm dealing w the exact same sitch. I've met this new guy and I want to have relations with him, but I'm afraid he will think I have an STD or think I'm gross, but if he doesn't accept me for me when I go through with it then he doesn't deserve my time. No one is perfect and we all have body issues!!! Rejection sucks, but its just rejection, and you will get over it!! The more confidence you portray (dig down deep) and the more you downplay it, the easier it will be for someone else to downplay it. People take cues from you on how to react to your HS. If u act like... No biggie, I just have some acne in weird places, that's how others will feel! If u want to talk more, lemme kno. It gets better and easier.

Hello IM Tina I have hs too since I was 13 IM 25 now. I went through same thing honey u have to be positive and also wit boyfriend you should be waiting for the next level of ur relationship also u don't want to commit urself to that and things become worse. Just tell him, be honest and if he's understanding he shouldn't care about that but might be able to support you wit it. Good luck honey if u need to talk IM here!

Ashlei45 and Tina4887 thankyou so much to both of you I feel so much better knowing that it's ok. Your words gave me courage and I told him and explained what HS was and that I have it and it don't bother him at all!!
And thankyouu both for your support I have more faith in myself and my future now