Omg Hs Sucks!

I've had HS since I was 18. It started to get really bad when I turned 23, and that is when I was diagnosed. I struggle with this disease every day. I never could have imagined that a skin disease could affect my life on so many levels! I have literally tried so many treatments that I don't even know what works anymore. I have had minimal success with zinc, turmeric, acid pads, anti-inflamatories, lots of water, anti-bacterial soap, and Clinique dark spot corrector for the dark spots (bruise looking things) I feel like no matter what I do though I have to accept the fact that this will never go away. It's a hard truth and I'm still processing it 3 years later. If a treatment has worked for you, let me know. I'm willing to try almost anything. I just want to be able to wear shorts and a tank top, have a normal intimate relationship, and not worry about excessively cleaning myself (scrubbing, soaking, etc...) maybe that day will never come, but I'm never going to loose faith. If anyone has questions, I'm an open book and if anyone can give me answers, I'd be more than grateful. I want to let others know that this is real; it can be debilitating, and that we have to make this a normal topic of discussion just like exema, skin cancer, etc... The more open everyone can be more confidence we can all have in finding a cure.
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i am sorry i used a translater and it not so good haha i am sorry if you want 2 know somthings i will right it by my self because the translater is not so great haha

hey ashlei I've also HS I come from the Netherlands and I have is what I do not know whether you know that milder form also have ... but I've gotten a transferral of the GP and then to a skin therapist am gone I've got it in my groin ... I have already had many treatments such as let my hair lasering.. and will for months now I have no burden peels of and she has all sorts of things what my scars still lighter late it costs some money. best. but I am sure about because I am also very depressed of but I'm starting to feel me getting better hope you have something x