So I'm 13 and I have HS, it's kinda hard because I'm embarrassed of my body. I hate going to the beach and going swimming. It makes me really insecure, and stress' me out a lot. And I feel just quite hopeless.

My mom said that I've gotten the breakouts since I was 4... And from what I read, most people start getting the breakouts at my age, or somewhere around there. I don't know how to handle it or deal with the stress that comes along with it. And I guess I could use some much needed advice...
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Hi Brookie,
I wish my son had your new found knowledge and support at your age, he didn' fact we were both clueless. You have your Mom, family and us... There are going to be times when you want to scream, when you are going to get angry, when you will cry "Why me". This isn't a blessing but it are not alone.
Advise wise- watch your diet. I remeber as a teen I love soda...not now. I'm kicking my sugar habit- it is not easy. I began to grow most of my own food; no processed foods, no wheats, no oats. I m now taking control of my diet.
Two other things- keep a medical/food journal. Watch how you react to foods. Currently i have taken all dairy out of my diet... and now looking at nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers) as a trigger source. I know if I let my blood suger zoom up, I will get another cyst/boil painful site. The journal will also help you track your symptoms (I'd would also write down anything any doctor tells you)
And learn...take those science courses, math and biology. Learn about your body, learn about the way the human body works. When I was in my 20's I went back to college for nursing...then 25 years later I decide it was time to relearn the cell. Needless to say what I knew then, isn't what is known now...all changed. And do research the research about HS.
Lastly, move, walk...yes it hurts. But as we move, our lymph system flows, meaning our immune system gets to pump around and spreads protection around. Never give into HS, we may never get rid of it but we can certainly overcome it and beat it.

change your diet, and when you first see one pop up use icthammonal oitment ( hope i spelled that right), and find someone to talk to will help you feel less hopeless, and if you beleive in prayer that helps too

Awwwww sweetie it isnt easy but its ok. I understand the bathing suits... Mine is tank tops... Ugh.... But you arent alone. Theres a lot of support groups out there. And Im here to listen..

MsDetermined, Thank you. It really is great hearing this, knowing people care and are willing to listen. So thank you, again. This comment gave me a lot more hope than I had. :)

No worries.. Life is so much easier when you know you're not alone. And try not to stress yourself out anymore than you have too. HS sometimes can flare up when stressed out. Just a day at a time.

Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.