9 Long Years

Hi. My name is Amber. I was finally diagnosed with H.S. 2 years ago. After, 7 years, 3 different dermatologists, 4 misdiagnosis, 12 different antibiotics ( topical and oral) , 7 lances, and 5 "uncovering" surgeries we finally settled on H.S. I know, sounds like a lot but, at least I have a solid diagnosis.

May I say to all of you that this is a terrible disease. I wouldn't even condemn this disease on my worst enemy. My greatest sympathy to all whom have it!

My infection has become a series of tunnels that connect from the back of each arm pit and connect all the way to the center of my chest, even under the bust. I can only lift my arms to about bust line height. And just about almost kills me to wear a bra! More recently, I have discovered that I am starting to get them in my genital regions, along with the outside of my thighs and around my nose where my glasses rub.

I am not overweight. Not a smoker. I actually have a pretty clean bill of health besides the disease and anemia. I do tend to get sick more frequently than others. I keep myself on a pretty strict diet and a vitamin regiment because of the frequent sickness.

One of the things that my doctor recommended me to do is to talk about my disease with other people whom have the disease. To maybe get some various ideas of pain management and flare up management from other patients.

I would appreciate all the advice I can receive. I am a very opened minded person and if you haven't already perceived from my first paragraph am willing to try anything!

Praying for relief, comfort and sleep to all! And thanks!
xxdorkqueenxx xxdorkqueenxx
22-25, F
Jan 31, 2013