New To This :(

Hello everyone, my name is Sue. I have only been dealing with HS since November2012. As you can imagine I have many questions. The Dr.s seem to be clueless to put it mildley. I only have it under my left armpit. I get a"boil" about the size of a dime and it becomes very sore red and hot. Then about two weeks its drains heals and leaves a horrific scar. I get them about every two weeks. My last one was much bigger. About the size of a half dollar. It became much more painful then my other. It finally started draining last night. I am looking for any advice or help learning about this awful painful disease. Thank you in advance for all the help.
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I have had it since I was 11 I am now 17. But I have just been diagnosed october 2012. It really does. I always have breakouts. Its all in my inner thighs. There's the itchy pathches of blackheads (hate it the most)..and the small nodules...them the bigger ones...then the ones that get out of ******* control and u gotta go to the doc to get them cut open to fun..but anyways. This disease is uncurable. However it is treatable. If not already get on some meds prescribed by a doctor. And try to stay very clean in the areas u have it. It is not a hygiene thing at all. At it because our ******* glands are retarded. Best of luck to u.