Absolutely No Bathing Suits

I can remember right after I started my first period I began to get "sores" in between my legs. I can remember the day I noticed them. I had went to Kings Island with my school. I had went to the water park all day and then put my shorts on over my swim suit, so I walked around wet all day. The next day 4 boils had forms in between my thighs and it has continued to spread since. I now have tracts under both arms, both inner thighs, in between my breasts and on my butt. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin for years, still am sometimes. I have found that tanning seems to help in my case. I don't mean everyday but once a week helps and it makes the scars less obvious. Loofah sponges help as well. They are painful to use occasionally, but just don't scrub an open wound. The most help to me is my supportive fiance. It is important to have someone who supports and loves you.

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I am also a Hidradenitis Suppurativa sufferer. I have found many remedies that have allowed me to be flare-up free for 1 1/2 years. Please visit my blog at hidradenitishealing.blogspot.com for updates, HS friendly recipes, and support!

I have a pair of white courdroys I wear all the time from L.L. Bean. Not only does the blood not usually soak through, but I can wash the trousers in COLD water and every speck of blood will come out. Even if I wait a few days to wash them! Invest. :P

I was just diagnosed with a mild case of HS about a week ago. I just turned 22 and am about to graduate college. I haven't had a serious relationship yet, but now that I met someone, I am ready. How do I tell him about this embarrassing condition? I am afraid he will get grossed out and break things off with me.

I've found the best bathing suits for us! 'Spanks' makes these 30's era's replicas bathing suits that cover up or pimpled bums & hides our thighs!
Your right about finding someone to love & accept you but you have to love yourself before someone loves you!!!

AND the whole point I was replying... Coolibar.com. bathing suits that cover more of your skin. The purpose is for sun protection but they are great for people who want to cover up skin for other reasons too. For the first time I am comfortable in a bathing suit. Still slightly uncomfortable because I feel like I look a little weird but I have really pale delicate skin so I use that as my excuse. Avoiding skin cancer ;)

Thank you for your comment about the loohfah! I have noticed that pickign blackhead type things out of my thighs (i don't have to squeeze them, idk what they really are, they are like dark things around the hairs) helps prevent sores. I'll definitely try something like a loohfah on a daily basis instead!<br />
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And yes, Peroxide helps a lot for blood ;) Better if it hasn't been laundered yet. Even better if it's still wet when you put it on. Oxi-clean powder (and there's off-brands for it now too, haven't tried them personally yet) works well too on the same principle. I've made a paste and gotten out old stains. Just don't wrap it up tight, I had one skirt get ruined because the heat of the oxi-clean reaction with the blood (big period spill) ate a hole right through the material. I made the paste, wadded up the skirt to hold the paste in the one spot, when I unwadded it later it had a hole in it.

Really?? Is that why the sores on my thighs aren't as bad? I always thought it was a bad thing that I got those black spots off and always told myself I should stop, but my underarms have always been a lot worse. Wow! Guess I'll keep doing that! Thank you so much.

Peroxide gets the blood out. A nurse told me that trick.

I have HS under my boobs in my armpits around my groin and under my tummy, progressing to stage 3<br />
Every time i see a specialist they tell me the only thing to do is lose weight but that is really difficult as i find exercising very hard and painful.<br />
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I shower twice a day with an exfoliator mitt and fragrance free soap which can be a bit of a chore but it helps<br />
I find mannuca honey in camomile tea helps too and i live in cotton.<br />
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The worst thing about HS is all the clothes I have ruined when lesions have opened up while i am out and about and all the days when my husband can't hold me and squeeze me because it hurts, luckily he is understanding, most of the time

I am glad to hear you have a supportive fiance. I have a supportive boyfriend that I hope will last years to come. I have pretty much the same conditions as you. I haven't yet read anyone who has them between the breasts, except for you. I have the same thing between my boobs and under my arms. This is the first time I am speaking out about it. I really want to find a support group. I didn't realize how many people had this problem. I hope your doing well, stay strong.

I'm so glad to do have his support.Have you tried the liquid bandaid?Read on the box.I use it for so many things.you should be so proud of your man.