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I've lived with hs for the last 14 years and only to have it to get worse over time. I have seen so many doctors, taken so many pills ,and spent alot of money- only to have no relief to show for it. I'm married with two kid's and the disease has taken control of my life and limits me on day to day normal activities. Last year I had my left arm pit cut open and scrape to remove the infection from the hs.The pain was terrible and I couldn't get the infection under control having so many open boils under one arm. The arm is about 50% better and i still have recurring boils. I have come to accept the disease, and look at life taking one day at a time. I'm seeing a pain management doctor, which helps me with the pain with meds. I always say why me? I hear hs effects mostly women-figures I am male. I'm past the point of the scares all over my body. I hear there are different stages of hs and I realize I have the later stages.  The disease started when I WAS 18ish. I'am  just venting and I will never give up. I know how others feel with hs, being 18 with it or 31 now only to have it get worse and more painful over time- you guys take care. wish everyone less painful days in the future

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Hi Rob,<br />
Much like you, I am a 31 year old Male. This started when I was 21. I had a trauma to the area where it started. I was snowboarding and slammed my shoulder into a ski lift pole. I didn't break anything but kept my arm in a sling for a few weeks till it felt better. That was when it first started. It was a minor annoyance at best, in the beginning. Just a small boil in my arm pit. I was a little over weight, but not bad. I went to the doctor, he was puzzled, prescribed an antibiotic and it went away. A few months later it came back, but in my other armpit. I have had it in about 5 places in my body over the last 9-10 years. Some real bad, go to the ER, get cut open, traumatic experiences, some just go away on their own. Lately though I can say that my flair ups are directly related to my stress level. I am under a lot of stress at work over the last 2 years and I have had at least two consistant spots at any given time where it is severely painful. I cannot lift my right arm without tearing open the skin and bleeding or draining. I often use paper towles to keep the skin from sticking together or rubbing. They also work great for absorbing the liquid so it doesn't sit in my armpit. Right now I also have two spots on my left armpit. a golf ball sized one on the underside of my left arm and a matching one on my side, right where my armpit closes, the two hit each other and that is painful. I just found this page and I will try to learn something I may not have known. It is very painful to deal with this. I have had the following:<br />
Under Right Armpit: 3 occurances over 5 years (alternating with Left Armpit) Now Sinus cavities that are all intertwined in my Armpit that will never go away.<br />
Under Left Armpit: 5-6 occurances over past 9-10 years. It's mostly healthy with the occasional flair up.<br />
Under my belly, on my pant line: 2 within 2 years apart, about 4 years ago. EXTREMELY PAINFUL TO PACK AND DRAIN<br />
Right Buttock Cheek: 1 occurance<br />
Neck Hairline Right side: 3 Occurances over past 3 years. Never opens<br />
<br />
Thanks for listening and for sharing your story. Wish they would find something to kill this crap.