No More Salt!

Yep, I'm only 38 and high blood pressure.  I found out when I had my wisdom teeth out; they checked it 3 different times, and the nurse looked me in the eye and told me "You have to go see your family doctor about this".  So I did, the doctor put me on Dyazide.  I think it is working, I go in to check it and get a cholesterol test tomorrow.  I do feel better, don't have headaches like I used to.  Not sure what caused it, probably family history.  Not really life-changing, I just watch the ingredients in everything, and don't put extra salt on anything. 
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All my life I had a very low blood pressure, now it is to high and I have to take medication, nobody knows why, but I guess, that it the way it is.

I am 48, and just been told I have high blood pressure. Made me worry at first about heart attacks etc but my ECG was fine, so now doing some blood tests. I think mine may be due to hormonal changes-it's my age!!I didn't realise this affects blood pressure.

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I'm 38, too. I was diagnosed borderline high BP when I was 10. I have been on meds since I was in my late 20's. Who knows why?? It just is. The best thing is just to find meds that keep it controlled. I'm on 2 different ones & I haven't ran high for 2yrs. You'll be okay ;-)

It was probably stress, how you used to eat, your body weight or just not enough exercise. My mom has bad blood pressure and it is because of all the things I mentioned. Take care!!!