I Fixed It, Now Great Bp

Hi I am a 66yr old male,with a long history of hypertension, and due to my Wife passing away through cancer last January, I have got into many bad ways, heavy drinking smoking etc., and my BP has been steadily rising even with me taking medication.
So last month I decided to fast, (no food, water only) to start with my BP went up slightly, but I stuck with it, on the third day it started to drop, on the forth day it was down a lot, on the fifth day it was normal 135/84 but I was in trouble, I was light headed and very dizzy, just standing up, put me close to blacking out, so I broke my fast, I now realize what I did wrong, I should stopped taking my BP meds when it was dropping, obviously my body after such a long time could not cope with normal BP.
So now I have started again, this is my forth day, I am feeling okay except bad taste and dry mouth with white coating on my tongue (classic fasting symptoms) but after coming back from riding my bicycle I took my BP and was amazed to find my BP was 117/75, I dont think it has ever been that low, I intend to carry-on a bit longer though, as I am getting other benefits, my little aches and pains have gone, my allergy's are clearing up, and I am approaching my ideal weight.
Before fasting read up on it you need to prepare before you start, and it is very important to come off it in a right way.
It is a simple, safe, extremely cheap and effective way to cure your blood pressure, however it is a very, very hard thing to do, but the results show it is well worth it.
I will check in on this site now and again to see if anyone has questions.

Regards Stuart
stuartl stuartl
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

This sounds very logical. I'll look for an opportunity to do this that will not affect my job. I should probably take vacation, although I'll need support from my wife and children. I need to do something, because I do not need this anxiety and insecurity.

Hi Stuarl. I read your comment about losing High Blood pressure fast by drinking water and no food. I never had high blood pressure in my life. It started this last May. I am overweight and I dont do exercise. My doctor recommended to take the pill but I refused. After that, I started to eat food without salt and started my daily routine of walkings. Everything changed for better. But now the hbp rised because I stopped the walkings. I am on 134/89. I am not drinking my eight glasses of water. It seems interesting that drinking alot of water reduce the weight and help to lower HBP.