Hbp At 19, Boohoooo!

So I was recently diagnosed with HBP at the age of 19, couple months before my 20th birthday. Since then I have been put on 5mg of Bystolic and have had blood tests and a ultrasound of my renal arteries. Blood tests came back okay but my ultrasound showed narrowing of my celiac artery and my renal arteries. Was referred to a vascular surgeon who informed me that it's not too big of a deal so to speak and to not be concerned. He did though refer me to a nephrologist because he was concerned about my kidneys due to the result of the ultrasound. Because of having no health insurance I haven't been able to go to that specialist. All in all was just wondering if there are people like me who had these similar symptoms and what the result came from it. Thank you for reading this!!! :)
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Hi! Yes I have High BP too, and i'm only 24 years old. I haven't been for many tests yet but what I have been tested with so far everything seems fine. I have to have my heart checked in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that'll be okay. I hope you've managed to keep your pressure down. I find Hibiscus Tea works almost instantly. Hope you're well!

hoping you can get the blood pressure down