I Have High Blood Pressure

I had preclampsia when I was pregnant with my son over seven years ago. I was on high blood pressure medication while I was pregnant. The medication didn't help and I had to be induced because they worried I would have seizures. I was on high blood pressure medication for a little while afterwards but then my blood pressure seemed to normalize so I was told to go off the medication. A few years later I was back on medication because I was experiencing a lot of dizziness. I was on two types of medication but was still having problems. I have had tingling in my face, chest pain and heart palpatations. Scary.  I'm still on medication (adalat xl 20 mg) but it doesn't seem to help. I still get dizzy sometimes, get a lot of headaches, and get out of breath very easily. I am going to get blood tests done this month and a cardiac ultrasound done in April. Hopefully, those tests will pinpoint what is going on. I was told I have a slight heart murmur in the past. I really want to get my blood pressure under control because I have read about all the complications that can arise from having high blood pressure.

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Oh wow! I seem to be going thru the same thing right now. I had my son 9-9-11! Go figure lol. I suffered from preclampsia and high BP also. After having my son, I had what was called postpartum cardiomyopathy. Now that that is gone and under control, I have something else. I cannot seem to get my BP under control. When I'm laying down, my BP is fine. But when I sit up its higher and when I stand up it is even higher. I'm in and out of the ER but all of the tests the Dr run on me shows that everything is fine but I often feel as though I am about to pass out from being dizzy. I take Benicar 40mg and Coreg 6.25mg. Very scarry!

There's not really much to report regarding my high blood pressure. I've went off medications, went back on them and changed dosages. My blood pressure has been ok. I know it would be much better if my calcium wasn't too high.

How about updating this, it's coming on 4 years since you wrote this. Friends want to know