Much Too High, But I Can Try

hello world!

im me and i think my expectations of myself are totally out of reach, but whats the use of not trying?

im 14, and FINALLY moving back to america after 2 years. I've changed alot (getting closer to my expectation but still so far away ) over the last 2 years. When i was in the sixth grade,(and my whole life before that) i was a total LOSER. i never talked to anyone usually, and didnt figure out that i should till 5th garde or something. I was fat, started having acne in 5th grade, got teased, and well you get it.

Then i moved to london, where i started developing 'social skills' i guess. but now realize since i usually didnt talk to people before, i just blabbed out everything and said some really weird rude and gross things to my old classmates. But hey, its progress. I didnt realize that i sorta messed up there till the end of my experience there.

Now im in bangladesh (if you havent heard of itits a small country next to india where im originally from) and doing basically nothing.

Here's the list of expectations for when i go back there though (some are much too impossible to do here):

Lose weight (i did that in the summer of 2008)

Lose acne (still in progress)

make friends (i know how to now)

wear better clothes (check)

get good grades(i used to before i came to this evil school in bangladesh, theyre seriously doing 10th grade stuff and im in 8th grade)



depressedweirdo depressedweirdo
13-15, F
Mar 7, 2010