Confession. I have no life. Little friends. But I'm not drowning myself in a depressing mood by acknowledging that.
I'm just wasting time. "You're wasting talent"
"She'll do great things when she grows up."
"I know some of your here will be successful, i can see it"
"You're going to do good"
"You're a good person"
"Make me proud, you'll make me proud"
Thank you for feeding my ego. My expectations and others expectations of me. I don't doubt that I can do really great things, I know I can. But I refuse to take the countless opportunities life has for me and I have so much. I'm lazy. I stopped trying. I ran away from a lot of responsibilities. I gave up so many times in life and nearly damaged my self. I do nothing. I waste so much time. But, at the same time in trying to improve so much in my life. The little things.

******* ****. Do something with yourself....
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3 Responses Mar 25, 2016

What do you mean by 'the little things'?

I won't disclose your age here but you told me how old you are.. you are young honey, you don't need to put that kind of pressure on yourself... Things will unfold and fall into place as time goes by.

Ok e.e

you are mature for your age.God bless you my child.