My family and I were on vacation with my boyfriend when we checked into the hotel. My boyfriend and I had one room and my parents and sister had the other one.

My boyfriend and I decided to make love that night, so i went down to my parents room to tell them we were going to bed. Meanwhile, he was in the bathroom getting ready. I came back in the room and yelled that I was going to go get a condom. As I left my mom was walking down the hallway and I thought nothing of it and left to get the condom.

When I got back my mom was laughing and my boyfriend was red in the face. It turns out he hadn't heard me and my mom was changing the bed sheets because she loves for everything to be clean and he quietly came up on her and stuck his penis up her ***, as he pulled up her night dress!!

My mom wasn't mad but flattered he had mistaking her as her 18 year old daughter.
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Who was drunk? Good srory even if everyone was sober.

She must be a very hot mama!

Nicd mom

That's great! What a wonderful mom.

love the title. sounds you and your mom are tight

atleast after that you two wouldnt have to worry about being shy around mom!