I Hate This Avatar,

story will follow, once proper avatar is in place.  make that storIES
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14 Responses Jan 22, 2008

What is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS is that this story is 9 months old, and only two people have commented on it. One, a dear friend who I know loves her Jack, the other... A new friend who appears to be holding a cocktail in just about every picture of her....<br />
<br />
That reminds me.... I need to delete some pics...<br />

maybe so... :)

i think it's the helmet, that makes it toooo funny! ha

you are too funny...

let's see... the trap has been set


oh, well helllll, that's definitely not my intention! hahaha

hey he might find it flattering

just wait....

oh hahahahaha

done, let's see how long this lasts

haha ok

oh yeah.... hold on, give me a sec.

hey you still haven't changed the avatar! hehe