I Have to Tell This Story, Bad Avatar Or Not

My husband and i wake up, way hung over, on a saturday morning.  Horribly hungover... we look around and try to figure out exactly what happened the night before.  As we are sharing our stories, we notice that there is a dark red substance all over our white sheets.  It looked like dried blood to us.  We are throwing back the sheets, trying to find  the source of the blood.  I have this red substance all under my fingernails, on my shirt, on the sheets...   we decide that i killed someone.  We jump out of bed and run around the house, trying to make some sense of this murder.  The last room we search is the kitchen... i have this strange drunken habit of always wanting to make cinammon nuts... pecans with sugar and cinammon, baked with butter.  The dark red substance was the cinammon.  It took us 3 days to find my purse, I had hid it in the freezer?!  I'm a disaster when I drink too much.

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12 Responses Feb 1, 2008

ha, at least you have an excuse for leaving your purse in the freezer.......... this is a daily occurance for me, along with keys, shoes, weird and wonderful things I find hidden in the cupboard...................and Im bloody sober!! Maybe Ill start drinking and maybe things will be found easier. lol

it was probably pretty ugly, thinking back... haha. we were not joking about the killing someone. that seemed appropriate for the night.

omg patron margaritas...I got an idea yeah

it was a two day hangover... if that gives you any idea

started with modelo especial (beer) and then moved on to margaritas made with patron... mmmm!

yeah what did you drink?

it's to die for! believe me... they don't call me squirrel nutkin, for nuthin!

that's classic stuff, you should compile your stories and turn it into a bestseller

I'd be more inclined to kill a human! haha

I would have been looking for the horse's head!

Squirrel Nutkin is one of my many nicknames, due to this bizarre snack choice! haha