My Ride With the Banditos

This is a good one.  My husband was in law school when we had our first child.  Most of our circle of friends were all his classmates.  About four months after I had the baby, the school had their annual "gathering" at a local bar.  Once a year, everyone gathered at this bar and told their stories... alums as well as students.  I had just returned from a spa in Scottsdale.  I had lost all of the baby weight and was looking "good", or so I thought.  hahaha    I digress... ok, so in an attempt to show everyone that i'm "back and better than ever"... don't ask me, it's a sad state of affairs.  I went shopping, purchased this fantastic chanel suit, had my hair and makeup done by professionals and showed up at the bar, looking like a million bucks.  (so sad, really)  It's about 6:00pm and my husband is rip roaring drunk, he'd been doing shots, and is a sloppy drinker.  One of his close friends took him home, I was not leaving after going thru all of this trouble, until I had made an impact??  haha  So, they leave.  I am drinking just beer.  I am putting money in the jukebox when some random girl came up, from nowhere, we started arguing because she insisted on playing some stupid song.  We go round and round... so bizarre, then she finally leaves me alone.  So, I'm really drinking now.  All of my husbands' friends are men.  So, they all decide that I need to be "supervised".  I meet some biker with the long braid of hair, down his back.  Wearing all leather and his harley is parked outside.  I asked him if he had a harley, he said yes... i asked for a ride.  My white, braniac friends try to verbally warn the guy that they have his license plate number and that if we are not back soon, they will send the police. 

I am in this short, tight dress, high heels, tons of jewelry and am hiking it all up... to get on the back of this bike.  He makes me wear his helmet.  Now, this was a SPECTACLE.  In downtown Houston, on this night, they always had live bands in an outdoor park.  We drove around downtown, then went back to the bar.  His friends were furious with me.  I called him "my lion"???  (i think it was about the hair)  Gave him my phone number??? and he called me for about a year.  This might be one of those stories where you just had to be there. 

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the one story that he told me was that when one of their members got caught "ratting" on another member to the police. they strapped him down in a dental chair and pulled out his teeth with a pair of plyers. i will never forget that story.

He was a bandito and I kept asking him all sorts of questions... funny, he was actually answering the questions about crime, etc.