Still Shuffling

We live on the coast.  On new year's eve a couple of years ago, we had tons of friends down for new year's .  We all had houses on this island, and were all there to party for a week or so.  Most of these people, including a dixie chick!  haha not joking, were heavy duty drinkers.  I'm a pretty casual drinker and we could not keep up with them, though we tried.  It was freezing cold and around 3am, one of the girls decides that we should put one of the boats in the water.  I do not recall the details.  So, the two of us leave on this flats fishing boat, with NO SIDES.  I fall off of the boat into the freezing water, in the pitch black of night.  There are no lights.  I rose to the surface, as quickly as i could, and started screaming "I'm ok and I'm shuffling, don't worry, I'm shuffling".      Ok, we have lots of stingrays here, so any time you get in the water... if you can touch bottom you shuffle your feet.  They will only sting you if you step on top of them, so you shuffle and they move out of your way.  Anyway, i get back on the boat, soaking wet, in a heavy coat and sweater... we pull up to the house.  Everyone is outside, drinking and looking at me, soaking wet.  They are all laughing and I proceed to take a step off of the boat onto the pier.  I miss the pier and back into the water I go... in front of everyone.  horrible, horrible, horrible.  i will never live this one down.  the dixie chick and her bf did get married and live about three hours from here.  haha
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hehe nice!<br />
and very lucky you didnt get hurt. we've ad a few people die in the lake at university because they try to swim throuhg it when theyre drunk