My Morst Mortifying Story Ever.......

I do not think this is hilarious though some might... So I just found out that the other night when I was out drinking with a few friends, what had happened. I call me girl lets say "Jenna" I asked what she was doing and she was at work. I told her I dont remember driving home the other night. So I casked what time they went to bed, because of course I was wasted off my ***. She said pretty late but that they got woken up to her boyfriends roommate screaming. So I asked what he was screaming about. This is the horrible thing. i was on my rag that day and he found my underwear covered in his room. OMG... Thats not the worst, I left a spot on his sheets. So now I am so upset, I dont know how to show my face around that apartment anymore. I have no idea what to do, I want to call and apologize and also offer to pay for the damage. On top of this, I slept with this guy 2 years ago and just started hanging around there about a month ago. What can a girl do?

DrunkNoGood DrunkNoGood
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2009