I found out I had HD a few years back after being in pain almost all of the time. I was giving nothing for my pain but sent to physical therapy for it but it made it worse. Gradually my pain got worse and I had more x-rays done (my back also started to hurt and I had inflammation of the spine) my back pain kicks in now and then but my hip pain had gotten worse and worse. The second doctor said he wouldn't help me get on disability and didn't give me any constant pain relievers because he wanted to "Find the source of the pain in my hips" .... in my mind I was thinking "Um DUH it's from my friggin BONE deformity!" so then I went to a third doctor who gave me anti-inflammatory pills for my back and hips. However it did not fully relieve the pain so I stopped taking them. I went back to this doctor and he did more x-rays and now I have arthritis in my hips. X__X so I started taking the same meds he gave me before but now those are making me sick. So I'm going to tell him tomorrow about it and hopefully get on some new meds.
For about 3 weeks now my hip pain has gotten stronger and different. I sometimes have a sharp pain from my inner hip/groin area straight down to my knee. Anyone else have this from time to time?
The past 3 days have been the absolute WORSE! I've cried more in these three days from pain then I have in a year after getting my heart broken. I get such bad pain that I start to hyperventilate while crying and choking back the urge to scream.

My doctor said that it's either pain/anti-inflammatory meds or hip replacement. But I'm only 25 so I'm terrified to have that kind of surgery.

Is it normal to have this much pain from this combined condition?
CannibalisticUnicorn CannibalisticUnicorn
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2015