Facial Hair...why?!

Since before I was diagnosed with PCOS at around the age of 15 I've dealt with unwanted hair. Having slightly hairy arms didn't bother me plus I didn't really get picked on about it. However it was the facial hair that started years of torment not to mention my weight gain. The heavier I got the worse the facial hair got and the more I was teased. At my heaviest almost 190 pounds was beginning to take it's toll on me. I began waxing which was liberating at first. I could comfortably wear my hair up for a week or so but then the hair would come back then I'd have to wait to wax it again. Once I got to my senior year in high school I had to start shaving my face because of my medical class I had to always wear my hair up. I had been in 3 serious relationships during that time frame. Two of the guys were open about knowing I had facial hair and they didn't really care but one of them never said anything about it and I was too embarrassed to bring it up but we eventually broke up. Even though it was because of mutual reasons I know half of it had to do with my "beard". I just started laser hair removal and regardless of it works or not I'm happy to finally be getting the treatment. After my first laser treatment I cried not because it hurt but because I've never been so thankful and happy to receive anything as much as I was to get that first treatment. It was a gratifying experience. I'm hoping the treatments will work so I can regain a normal feminine routine. Luckily for the time being my new boyfriend is accepting of my condition he didn't even notice it thanks to my skill of hiding it. Hopefully the treatments will work. Wish me luck! :)
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Does the laser treatments work good?

The treatments have worked wonders I have 3 left just to be on the safe side. I've already had 5 and they've worked great.

i have a long relationship but i fear we will broke because my hirsutism started 5 months ago and it changed me drastically. if it happen im sure i will never get another boyfriend, so im pretty lost and suicidal. i can only beg god hirsutism to stop or ill kill myself. i had a lot of plans, friends, i liked flirting.. and now i feel disconected and punished. sorry my english is very bad, but i can help only telling you that we share the same fears.

If they love you they'll stay around regardless of the hair, my boyfriend has stuck through my hairiness. He's also stuck by me in my process of getting it removed. It's an embarrassing condition to say the least. But please don't let it control your life.

Good Luck I hope it works better then you think. :)

good luck on your treatments, hoping everything works out for you

Hi, its completely normal having facial hair it is extreamly common . I work at a laser clinic and we treat 10-15 people a day with unwanted facial hair from ages 11-60yrs old . It works differently for each indervidual so be patient as people with PCOS are a bit more trickier to treat as its a hormonal imbalance as u would know. Make sure u are getting treatment from a Laser Clinic & are not having IPL as it is not a real laser & u will not get the results u are wanting. Xx<br />
Hope u are happy with results as im sure they will be amazing, it will def thin and lighten hair if not remove. Def beats waxing , shaving or plucking all the time..