The Burden Is A Blessing In Disguise.

I'd like to begin by referencing the Buddhist proverb that "Pain Is Inevitable, But Suffering Is Optional" . I believe this quote is true in it's entirety especially when it comes to having to endure conditions in our life that aren't in our control . For as long as I can remember I felt like having Hirsutism was a punishment for something that I had done in my life . I felt like in a society where the importance of image is stressed to the extreme, and where females with "excessive body hair" is not of "social norm" and somewhat, if you will, "taboo" ; that I had indeed been struck with the black plague . I began to become extremely insecure with myself, I felt worthless & useless . I became paranoid, anxious, and found myself in a deep depression . I felt like I was a slave to my own body . My entire life was affected: my relationships with my family, my friends; my schoolwork, my social life, even my personal life . I hit rock bottom, I was suicidal . I put myself through a great deal of suffering (physically, mentally, emotionally) ....suffering that was not needed . I had allowed the manifestation of my insecurity of something so minute as hair inadvertently control every aspect of my existence .

However, upon a great deal of prayer, introspect, and a good number of experiences I went through; I've come to many realizations & revelations about this condition, and about life in general . Something about the experiences that I've gone through and the wisdom I have gained through it all sparked a flame that held the desire and passion for life that I feel will never die out .

It is quite amazing the pain a human being can withstand, but upon retrospect much of the the suffering I have been through was self inflicted - based on my perspectives/emotions . I came to the understanding that having Hirsutism is definitely by far better than most have it . It only has detrimental effects on the psyche and the body if you allow it to . There are so many other life threatening illnesses one could have . So many other situations and circumstances one could be going through that have life long implications . With Hirsutism there is maintenance....I understand it's the continual routine of the removal that can be troublesome...but at least there is a cure .

I made a vow to myself that I would never allow myself to fall victim to being controlled by this condition again , and in fact make a 180 and have complete control of the condition myself .

I focus everyday of my life improving in ALL areas: medically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, physically, sexually, ect . I strive to be a cut above the rest , by not living my life based on my "looks" but rather being the ENTIRE WOMAN: mind, body, & soul .

The building of my confidence came from an essential epiphany I had about that the way the beauty industry, the media, and society interact and it being purely on business terms . Society is heavily influenced by the media, with the media being strongly backed by the beauty industry . This is why from all outlets of the media- internet, television, movies, magazines, music, ect..the images of women (models, actresses, singers, athletes, ect) are as doctored as they are . These celebrities have a team of professional hair stylists, cosmetologists, fashion designers, professional photographers there to make them look their best, as well as technology to conceal any last imperfections . Then these women are put on pedestals as standards of "beauty" . Standards that aren't unattainable without money and altering your natural state . The women of the public are targeted and many are easily susceptible to believing they are in adequate and most become insecure, because they don't resemble this artificial beauty . Women that become insecure enough will easily purchase whatever the beauty industry is marketing especially if it will conceal any of their presumed "imperfections", which in turn leads to the beauty business being the trillion dollar business it is....the profiting off of emotions.

This is one reason for why I do not conform to society, because society is corrupt in so many ways .

The truth is that beauty by definition is undefined . I wish for everyone in this world to know exactly how BEAUTIFUL they are . It is our society that is ugly . Once a person realizes their beauty, their abilities, and their potential,,,THEY WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE .

I believe our perspective on the challenges we face in life ultimately determine the outcomes . Every problem you come into contact with in life, it can either break you or make you /regress or progress from & it is entirely dependent on your outlook . We can't change the hand we were dealt in life, but we most certainly can change the way we play the game .

I can honestly say the hair is a small price to pay for how rich I am in all other aspects of my life .

Missluhvlee Missluhvlee
18-21, F
4 Responses May 20, 2012

Who are you??really..are you some God sent angel to rescue me from my troubles?..before reading this,I had complete negative outlook on my life because of developing severe you just helped realize it was wrong, change my way of thinking,from henceforth,I will be positive,and not hirsutism affect my quality life in any fact,it has nearly killed me over past years,but not anymore ...seriously you possess purest form of wisedom a human can have,wish many were like you...I pray god be with you and thank you so much

You have gained one of the most important pieces of wisdom one needs to be happy. If more people thought like you, the world would be a better place. Stay wise and strong.

That's definitely the mindset we all need. Not allowing yourself to fall back into negativity is the hard part for me at least. There's always the occasional freaking out and crying that I find difficult to not do

WOW, you hit the nail right on the head! Could not of said that better myself! Amen to that!