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Well I'm 25 years old & have been dealing with hirsutim from PCOS for the past 4 years. This is pretty hard to write but i want to talk to some women that go threw this as well maybe meet a friend i can talk to & we can help each other when trying to work past the feelings we have about our selves. I cry (im tearing up right now writing this) when I have to pluck & wax my face. I can't wax or bleach certain parts of my body like my chest cuz i get a really bad rash that is painful. It started when I stopped taking birth control when i was 19-20 then my periods started getting irregular & the hair started to grow. Iv allways had a small mustache & side burns but hair started to grow on my stomach, increase on my arms & genitals, & of cores chin and neck. It was just a little at first but got worst over the years. I haven't had a doctor for a few years & don't really trust medications so haven't wanted to get started back on birth control or a hormone treatment. I gained a bunch of weight over that 4 years Almost 100 lbs but have lost 70 lbs over this past year. My periods have regulared out but the hair growth hasn't stopped so I'm getting to the point of just giving in & goin to the doctor to get back on birth control or see if I need a hormone treatment to make it slow down. I'm tired of feeling ugly & hiding. Only a few of my close friends know & love me for who I am. Its hard to get close to guys tho. My last boyfriend was understanding & it was awesome. But I havent been able to get close to anyone else sense we broke up a year ago. Iv been asked out on dates but haven't gone outta fear. I have cute clothes I feel i can't wear anymore cuz I'm afraid of the judgment if people see my chest hairs. Even if know one says anything its the looks they can hurt just as bad. I just wanna feel normal. I hate our society & how it makes me feel like a freak cuz I don't have a hair free body like women r suppose to have. I know I'm not the only one there's millions of women all over the world dealing with this. That's why I'm hear I wanna talk to others. So there's my story thanks for reading & feel free to reply would love to hear from some one
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i feel exactly the same

Yeah I have met many girls with this condition its hell but there are ways to deal with it and over come it you should read my story about over comming pcos naturally. Thanks for reading my story.

You might be able to get treatment. It sounds like you may have PCOS, a disorder which causes hormonal imbalance. Try and see an endocrinologist, and they might be able to help.

But if you don't want to, or don't have the money, learn to not care what others think. You are a beautiful, wonderful person. Don't let people convince you otherwise. There will always be people who don't care about looks, and like you for the person within. Keep those people close, and ignore everyone else.

I do have PCOS I started taking herbal supplements and dieting and losing weight to help with the PCOS symptoms I haven\'t noticed the hair growth slowing down yet but the other problems are getting better. It\'s hard to look at myself at times and its hard to not care when I feel hairy like a man and can\'t wear a swimsuit or low cut shirt or have to shave my face. I saved up for over a year to get laser treatment on my face its working alittle the hair is patchy and what not but I need 4 to 6 treatments b4 its gone. I do the best I can and have supportive friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and not making uncalled for comments I really appreciate it

It\'s nothing. Stay strong. Things happen for a reason, and it will all turn out well in the end. You will become a wiser person when it\'s all over.

i love hairy women and know many men that do also.the more hair the better.fat skinny whatever.just try to work on your weight and let some haie will find that special man that will really apprecate you.

You keep commenting on my stories about Hirsutism & saying how much you love hairy women & its weird I don't like it. If you like reading the stories so much read my confession inspired by men like you that I want nothing to do with.

Hi!, I want to tell you that I understand completely the way you feel, I have been dealing with the same thing for years now, and it started the same way. It's really hard because I used to be so thin and feel so pretty, I was never very popular but I had never problems finding a guy that could like me. After taking really bad birth control pills I gain weight and started growing hair all over my body, I don't feel as a woman anymore. I really wish I could find a solution to this and go back to my normal life. I have felt like a freak and so lonely for way too long and it's nice to know that there's more people dealing with the same thing as me. I try to stay positive as much as I can.

Thank you so much. I do try & stay positive but its so hard. There are so many days I don't even leave my house & just sit & cry. All I want in live is to love & be loved but I think that's never gonna happen. I hate my self & my life. I just wanna be normal. I appreciate you taking the time to read g comment on my story. If you ever wanna talk hit me up :-)

Thank you for sharing your story. You'll find someone that will love you for you. I know this is easier said than done, and that I should probably follow my own advice, but don't hide who you are. You seem like a nice person that has a lot to offer, but is having a tough time of it.

I an having a really tough time there are so many days I don't leave my house & hide in shame feeling ugly & gross. I'm learning to cope & I am doing better now then I was a year ago I use to not be able to talk about it & now I write about it. Thank you for your kind words & taking the time to read & comment

*hugz* Don't be afraid. There are people both here and out there who understand very well. Plus, there are many guys (and even women) who either don't mind a woman's hairiness or even prefer it. Just focus on your health. Find what makes you happy in this life and focus on that as well. You'll be alright. :)

Thank u I think its sweet ur a fan of my stories. I just need to vent & this is the first place iv found to do it & not get judged.

I totally get what you mean. I know from personal experience that there is often a struggle between what I know and what I feel. About the topic of this story, you won't get any judgement from Me. :)