The Teen Ruined By Hirutism. ((i Have A Potato, So Read It! )

First of all, please hear this out: I SUCK A WRITING.
So I apologize for any grammar nazis or literary critic reading this :)

You can call me Aya, I'm 17 going 18 this june. And yes Iam suffering from hirsutism, and hypertichosis. I'm a college student major in psychhology, which is ironic, since I am positively sure I am suffering from depression for quite a while now. HAHAHA! I've had "the hair" as I call it since way back first year in high school.

oh, wow! HIGH SCHOOL, where amazing happens. I've had numerous rainbow colored oh, so happy expectations. BUT NOOO!! the hair crept up slowly. On my face, legs then everywhere. really, its not the lthin, light colored hair, its black and thick as my eyebrow hair! and hell! my eyebrows are damn thick! I was even more hairy than my brothers.

so, starting there, my high school life my completely utter bull crap. Crap that was excreted, eaten again, and excreted again in an infinite cycle of crap. hah. People made fun of me, since I'm also fat. No matter how good I was at something, even if I didn't fight back, even when I was at my worst, even if they knew what was happening to me, I was still made fun of. Even when I lost weight, oh! but I gained it all back now. (side effect of depression,gah)

I had very few friends, close to none actually. But still they are the ones who made my life bearable in the saddest point of my life (SO FAR). Up until now, when I'm in college, people still tease me, talk behind my back, and leave me out of everything. When I though I've gotten used to it by now, it feels like its starting over again, because all my friends are gone. Its sad and painful, like your hearts being ripped and then pouring vinegar on the gaping hole. I've never had a boyfriend, never gone a night out, never dated, never kissed, no romantic history at all. hahaha! I am very single by the way. *wink,wink*

I always try to keep myself happy but there really is nothing to be happy about. I prayed to every saint, God or any divine being they say would bring you happiness and would only want you good. but I guess no one heard me. Even just having that one friend who'll be there for you, He never gave me any.

sorry for reading this depressing post which I made with my sleepy mind. I'll write again maybe when I am sane enough. hahaha!
to all those who also have my condition : BE STRONG!! you are not alone :)
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

girl you are beautiful and as hard as that is for women with this problem to understand you are gorgeouse because as cleche as it sounds looks will fade

I don't know who you are, but I truly empathize. And for that, I admire your strength and courage to keep your head up and staying strong. I love you for that.

You are not alone either :)