Not Feeling Womanly Rant

Lately I have started to notice tiny black hairs on the side of my cheek. That just kind of made me more depress as to how am I going to get rid of them. I know they arent visible to others unless they are super close into my face, but its like ugh why! I hve long sideburns and few hairs on my chin and no so much on the sides of my upper lip few hairs on my boobs, hair around my belly button leading to my lower 1/2 which is just basically covered in hair, as well as my back and arms! I have been recently diagnosed this year with PCOS. I just wish i knew how do deal with this despite how much i read. It just made me grow to hate shaving.
BobaTea BobaTea
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Hormonal birthcontrol helped me. It didnt disappear altogether, but my hair did become less frequent and not so obvious. I guess with women like us we need to be more diligent than the average with waxing and using epilators.