Big Gaping Voids

A few of my friends have left EP


But thanks to my stalker - Moomouse24 and her departure, I have a hell of a lot of one way conversations going on in the comments of my older stories


I am getting a mousetrap!!

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I agree. It makes me not want to comment as much.

ooooh thats a scary immortal my words living forever......i'm going to delete my profile LOL

i'm leaving comments on peoples stories here cause i will die of old age logged in here so my comments will never disappear

And don't get those traps that has the fake cheese already attatched! BAH! Nah, she's too smart for that! Better make it Java Beans! ;)

good luck! at least she announce her departure, I lose friend everyday and wonder why they didn't say goodbye.