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Hi, i'm Richard

I'm 27, and have Holt Oram Syndrome, I have absent ulna's in both arms, and reconstructed thumbs which my index fingers were used, I live in Wales, and i'm new on here please come and say hi :-)
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my brother has HOS and i am in college and am doing a research paper on this. i need sources and you could be one of them if that is okay with you. if you could email me that would be great. please include your name and information that could be used in my paper to also raise awareness about this syndrome that not many are use to seeing it. also if you could include any childhood memories that influenced you throughout life such as: if someone told you you couldnt do something, if someone picked on you because of this defect, etc... that would be great

Hi Richard how are you?

This is really cool to find a group of folks with the same disorder. I've never met anyone with the same issues. Cheers!