Why Am I So Lazy?

I really know I need to be doing my homework or at least studying,but what am I doing?? I am watching TV.  I know I need to get my GPA up so I can go to grad school, but I messed up my freshmen yr by partying and drinking so now my GPA is a 2.4, not good at all!! I feel so stupid now because in high school I graduated at the top 10% of my class, but I can't even get a freakin 3.0 now!! Its really ******* me off and I jus feel like giving up because I think its too late, what do you think?? Im a junior and I need to get into grad school but I have a 2.4 and i need at least a 3.0...my life sucks!!!
PrettiGurl PrettiGurl
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 15, 2007

I am only a freshmen in college but I think you should try and do the best you can from now on. Then in the future you wont have to look back and ask yourself if you could have done more. My first semester I finished with a 2.2, and I graduated HS fairly high in my class. I skipped and didnt study, It kinda opened my eyes. I still find myself not in good studying habits. TV and my PC draw me away from my studies. Just tell yourself you have to get to your work and snap into action almost like jumping into a pool or out of an airplane and start on whatever you deem needs to get done first. Hehehe that helps me.