Living With Evil

My thoughts...they have a habit of twisting to the most gruesome things imaginable at times. I hate humans...******* hate those disgusting creatures... I feel they all should just die...and I dream about it sometimes. Diseases where people go mad and devour each other. Taking a knife and going house to house on my street and slaughtering them all like the ******* cattle they are. Or better yet...find a way to kill them all off....slowly and painfully, all at once, while I watch from a high place as they writhe in agony. They should not be the ruling species. They're disgusting beings who deserve only death...they should never have existed in the first place.Ā  All they do is kill in the name of their many different "gods".....heh..imbeciles. haha....hahaha..... they all should be skinned alive...
Duskfang Duskfang
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Hurray for misanthropy!!!