My whole family is homophobic. They never had good thoughts about gay people. They never could understand why and how 2 people of the same sex can love one another. I came out about 2/3 years ago. They never tried to mention the subject again. My parents are divorced for almost 5 years now. My mom is homophobic but not excessive. She always asks me when am I gonna go back to "being a girl" (because I have my hair cut short and wear boy clothes) and how am I going to have a family. My sister calls me an alien cause she says I'm not a boy or a girl. My father is the worst of them. He gave me a book last week about 2 guys who ***** gay women and "turn" them straight. It was a very sickening book to read.He never acknowledge my ex partner. He now doesn't allow me out of the house since there's this new girl that I have been seeing. He said before that he is willing to help me in my relationships but when the opportunity comes up, it's always no. And he says that I have no future, because I'm not marrying a guy with money and that I'll have to work for myself and "if" I ever have a family. Well very well, I don't need to rely on a guy, and I want to support whoever I am going to marry and the kids we're going to have, and prove that my marriage can work better than his.

What I've been told is just to wait. Wait till I can get out of the house.
1995RedDevils 1995RedDevils
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012