Gf And Her Gf

i walked into the kitchen for a beer after a shower naked like allways my gf didn't say a word till we came **** to mouth close right there i had been trying to get her to have a ********* with another woman my ex gf says she didn'tset this up but she knew i came into the kitchen naked every night her freind was 18 just out of caholic school had never even seen a cockbefore right then she screamed i just went to her see i have 11 inches so am not ashamed i started kissing her lips then the back of her neck next my gf started to kiss her **** so i joined her my gf took her gf panties offf told me to start eating her freinds ***** pretty soon her freind had spun around and wanted me to teach her how to suck a **** i started her off slow i put a couple inches in her mouth when she didn't choke on that i let her take all she could handle whitch ended up being nine inches pretty soon my gf started kissing my balls and licking my **** then i had my gf lay down and had her start eating my gf ***** while i positioned nyself at her love tunnel i asked her if she was a virigin as my **** was at the entreance to her ***** she said yes as i plunged into her ***** all in one easy stroke she gave me the best gift a woman can give a man i stroked in and out for about 15 miniutes then iu switchged to my gf till i was about to *** my gf told me to give her a ******** so i came in her ***** then my gf proceeded to eat the *** out of her freinds ***** while her freind sucked on my **** and got me hard next i ****** my gf up the *** for a while my gf was greedly still eating her freinds pussytill they both collapsed in extacy next i stared to put my **** up her freinds *** i had just rammed it home when she told me to take it out then she proceeded to suck my **** before she could only take 9 inches in her mouth she tried really hard to take that last 2 inches in her mouth then she finally was able to touch her lips to my balls while hewr mouth was wrapped around my **** then i lost it and came down her throat as she was swallowing my *** she was able to swallow it all she stayed for three weeks till she left we ****** every night i found out much later after i lost contact with my gf that her freind was just looking for a ***** donnor i found out she was pregant with my child but nothing else i can't even find out if it was a boy or girl and that is ****** up
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