Kissed A Girl And I Liked It....

So I kissed a girl and I liked it.... can't help thinking I liked it a little too much.

If you have read my other stories you will know I have been having and on-going situation with a girl that I really like! To me she is perfect, I never thought I could feel this way about someone, when all my friends were getting boyfriends I could never understand what they were feeling. But now I do. I see her every day; she's one of my best friends which makes it even harder! I don't know why it's her that I've fallen for...but to me she is so perfect. Blonde wavy hair, brown/green eyes, she's got a wicked smile too which can't help but make me happy. Like literally I find her so funny and she can always cheer me up if I'm having a 'bad day'. When I sit next to her in class and we're just chatting away I sometimes just think to myself how beautiful she is, I look at her face and her eyes and her lips that I just want to kiss so badly. You know that urge? It's so hard sometimes to stop myself playing with her hair or touching her in some way. I know that sounds strange to anyone that has never felt this kind of attraction to a person but I honestly have to stop myself. It's not like she isn't the same, if you've read my other stories then you'll know that there have been quite a few occasions where we have ended up kissing, falling asleep together cuddling. The last time this happened was only a couple of weeks ago at a party, we just started kissing, oh it was so good! We were both a little drunk but it was still hot...her lips on mine. This is kind of where I struggle, we have these nights, we go out together and call them 'dates' and we say they're cute and romantic but at the end of it all I'm left just as confused! She still talks about guys in a romantic sense, and I do too… So we can be sat there having a conversation about these guys we find ‘hot’ and I’m thinking to myself… what am I doing? I want you. I don’t know what to do, I value her friendship so much that I’m worried she won’t feel the same…. Any advice welcome, or just your general thoughts on the situation…be as honest as you like!
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I would just tell her how you feel and see where it go's. if she's your best friend and she and you have been doing thing like that she might be feeling the same way you are feeling and she doesn't know how to tell you. Give it a shot girl life is way to short to let something good slip away.

how did it go, are you together? I had the same situation and I was honest. I did'nt back down cause it is how I felt. We dated for about a year and it was great. I moved to another city for school, and she was working so didn't follow me. We still have romantic weekends together but they are infrquent.

I have the same problem. My best friend and I hook up a lot but doesn't want to go any farther. She says she's not sure if she's lesbian or not.

I have pretty much the SAME exact situation as you (minus the kissing and falling asleep together, but that makes you really effing lucky!). I wish I could with the girl I'm talking about. And I know what you mean, it isn't weird at all! And the class thing where you want to touch or kiss her, yep happens to me with Her everyday! Good luck! :)

I'm guy 22 and have herd this b4 my insight best I can is woman are a lil more bi curious then old times like teens these days kiss best friend no big 40 years ago not the case but woman are gorgeous no matter color shape or size guys when we talk what is a perfect ten for me is not so for a friend difrent standards and ***** taste ******* good so do there lips and all lip bombs and what nots kissing girls is amazing so I don't blame girls get into it soft skin you know and at end of day still want a man it way to not be lonely in middle ..for you specifically I'd say tell her next time you 2 cuddle it good running to talk about that kinda subject ..guys say no guys no glory if asking out girl or asking to dance something super nervous until u get rejected and pissed everyone scared rejection the ones that aren't are the ones that shine I only pole girls that are ideally perfect because I may get rejected but either way she gunna be flatterred and that good enough
Thinking of someone els and not myself make her day better makes mine better whether I get in her pants or relationship or not .. So if you care for her bring it up either way she ses yea or no ur complimenting her and most likely she feels the same way it just u both are playing it off and to scared or confused to say anything...good luck

You know its really hard to feel that way but I know you can make it .Tell her what you feel, confess your love to her. There's nothing wrong in trying.

I agree, nothing wrong with trying...she's coming over soon so may well have a couple drinks to relax the mood and then hint it to her in some way...maybe if we kiss? I'll tell her that I want it to be like this all the time...and that I care about her immensely?

ahmmm .. its okay but take it easy , Im sure you'll be okAy .

hi,.. i know what you're feeling coz actually i've been in that situation before... why won't you give yourself a try. tell her what you really feel and just go with the flow..

Yeah I guess I'm worried that she will see me differently...if she doesn't feel the same then things will change between us, I know it...such a tricky situation!

it really is... :(... and it so hard... but just try!,at least you give it a shot, nothing much to lose dear :)