Kissed A Girl In Elementary School And Got Married With The Same Girl In High School

the first day of school i went to my 4th grade class she looks at me a few weeks later my friends told me that girl loves me and said that she want to kiss me at reuses i went to the girl she holed
my hand. years past we are still friends me and her went to the same classes. then it was a time to get married i was looking for anther girl then my girlfriend wanted to go out i asked my dad he said yes we went out i told her to stay at where she was then i went to the gold mall then i went and told her to come with me i will take you to gold mall she told me i only want to buy a gold stuff i took her to the marring rings she put on one and she said it fits on my finger and i told her because i sized the ring for you. we kissed mouth to mouth and got married
i am still with her we got married last month
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Jan 9, 2013