a few times actually! ...

I havn't been on here in awhile, but I posted on this thread ages ago and just decided to edit my story.    When i first started coming on this site, I was soooooo confused about my sexual orientation and didn't know what to do or think.. but I decided to be as open as possible and just let life take me for an adventure.  

Well it's been half of a year on April 13th and it has been the BEST 6 months of my life.  I'm currently dating a girl I worked with at a residential summer camp and we are happily together and out to most of the people in our every day life.  

For once in my life, I feel happy and honest and comfortable. Now it's time I work on letting the parents know.  :S   Wish me luck

advice for anyone else who is confused out therE:    GIVE IT A TRY!  You'll know right away if it is for you.  I feel 100% comfortable with her and want to spend every hour of every day together.  Yes, we still have our little fights but overall, it's worth it. I love her.


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Life is too short to spend it living an unhappy lie. You should do as your heart tells you... and if you are happiest with a woman, then you should be with a woman.