I Enjoy Men More Than Women...

I enjoy men more than women even though I can appreciate an attractive girl.  But I've never hooked up with a girl.

theophania theophania
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2007

I'm decades older than you, but, I experimented with "woman love" a few times in my younger days, it's a definite "DO Someday kind of thing" it did not make me a lesbian, far from it, but, each encounter was quite lovely. Once, I think that I actually fell in love or infatuation with one especially gorgeous woman, I feel it gave me an understanding and appreciation for why men are so crazy about certain women! I still think about how breathtakingly beautiful that woman was.Glad I did not miss that experience. It rounded me out nicely. It made me feel "worldly" and well grounded that "the mystery" of woman love was solved for me, I never felt the need to do it again after that last superior encounter, that "once in a lifetime oportunity" was what I was looking for evidently. I've been happily married and happily str8 ever since. (but I hate labels) I think if my husband had been a female, I would have married "her" and been a lesbian for life. It's about the person, not the genitals.

That's wonderful to hear!

So many women say that. I figure that is why most women say "yeah she is really pretty" when they hear guys talking about them. You won't hear very many men say the same thing about other guys, lol.