Hope is sometimes hard to come by these days.  There's always someone out there or around you questioning your dreams, your beliefs, causing doubt and apprehension.  I've decided that I don't care.  I do believe in my abilities and I have faith that I can accomplish what I need and what I want to do.  Everything I need is here within me and any assistance will come in time.  The future is a bright place for me and I'm done looking at my past, at my mistakes and regretting.  Every day is a brand new slate and I'm writing a glorious story on each one and at the end of my life I'll know that I've ended a more than fantastic novel.  I'm a new a person and I'm going to keep hungering for new and better things to help humanity to help the world.  It's within my ability.
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18-21, F
Jul 25, 2007