Friends In Bad Dreams

Lately I've been having dreams where something I would never do or never done is being tested; and my friends are alongside it all. These "things" are stuff that I'd never do because its not part of who I am and deeply contradicts me and my morals.
The first dream I had was where I was fighting with everyone who crossed my path, and I was screaming to my friend as we headed to a pool. I felt inmense rage towards her in my dream, when I woke up I felt horrible. Mostly because I had and have no reason to be mad at her.
Last night I had a dream where all of my friends and I were hanging out in a music show, and of a sudden a friend let out a rumor that had apparently been going around about me. (not in real life) She said it with assurance in her voice, acting as if she believed it were true. The rumor was: that I had been going out to parties, drinking, and sleeping with alot of guys. [problem with this is: me and my friends dont drink or party. And i would never find myself doing such things] However, in my dream, it was only 2 friends of mine who believed the rumor and not me. I was angry with the friend who let it out, but hurt that her boyfriend (a closer friend of mine) wouldnt believe me. I found myself crying and on my knees begging for him to believe me. I was hurt that after years of knowing me he'd believe the rumor and let his girlfriend convince him that it was true.

So overall, there's been a dream where I'm fighting with a friend, and felt betrayed by another.
asoftoday asoftoday
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010