Thank God Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates Because I Have The Worst Pms Ever

Emotions escape from my awkward lips, leaving a trail of misguided words of regret. With every word like it's own jail cell waiting to captor its mate. My passionate rhymes of affection are what hurt my inner being, and yet I find it impossible to waste my words on positive remorse. My mind running like a over used engine, smoky excerpts cloud my conscience as I fight a never ending battle of hormonal loathing. Abandoned with the never ending sentence of estrogen, I walk this one week battle alone. The world around me becomes blackened with never ending annoyance, people are no longer in my sight, but are replaced with hidden enemies. Pills become my pain saver from the cramping of injustice, my sorrow is my only companion and my sadness overwhelms my actions, speaking louder than my unforgiving words. Lashing out on the ones that I love in a unsolved crime of passion. My actions are a complete enigma, even to my own desire of configuration. I torcher myself with every dwelling thought created in my own state delusion. Trapped in a prison of endless awaking and yet all I want to do is sleep my days away. My boyfriend who is a victim of my trust passes, stands by my undeserving side. His loyalty to my burden is something that comes from true compassion for my never ending sobs. He is truly a brave man, a solider taking on a never ending war of my transgressions. Without understanding of my of my critical emotional state, he triumphs through with blinding grace.
klee62485 klee62485
Mar 22, 2011