I Hate It!

I don't mind my period, but the week leading up to it is hell! My breasts get swollen and ouchy and way to sensitive. Everything makes them hurt. My cramps get so bad I just cry. It feels like I am getting stabbed over and over. I get so foggy headed and tired as the week goes on and any little thing makes me want to cry. I feel so useless during that week. Why can't I just have my period and not have these problems?
SneKate SneKate
22-25, F
5 Responses May 22, 2011

I used to have that problem also. But I changed my diet. Less sugar, salt, junk food and no soda. And started walking for exercise. It really makes a difference and you might sleep better too. There are some simple yoga moves you can do to help the cramps. Look it up on the net, thats what I did.

I also suffer from pad PMS and very painful periods. It all began after I had my tubes tied 3yrs ago. I have small breasts, but they get so sore and heavy, I have to hold them walking up or down stairs. I also get very depressed, emotional, irritable, angry, etc. I can almost feeling it building inside of me, but I'm powerless to stop it. It begins about 2wks before my period so I don't feel like I have much relief in b/t cycles.

Yea, figuring out the bra thing is hard. I do have different ones for that week they are swollen, but the problem is if they are snug enough to keep my breasts from moving around too much, my breasts feel like they are being squeezed. No bra and not moving and nothing touching them is really the only way to keep them from hurting too much when I am PMSing.

I agree the sore breasts is the worst! I bought new bras last month, and this month they have grown again and I'm in my 30's! I think the biological clock is ticking, PMS the worst it has been.

i have simular problems.i get so bloated and sluggish... Its not fun